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What is the design concept of a hot runner system?


A hot runner is a heating method that ensures that the plastic flows and the gate remains molten. The hot runner system usually consists of a hot nozzle, a split plate, a temperature control box and accessories. Hot nozzles usually include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve type hot nozzles.

Hot runner system is a complex and advantageous mold part. CAE computer-aided engineering analysis, resin testing and design concepts can be performed by the hot runner system supplier in the mold production project. In the early stages of the project, mold designers can further optimize the product if hot runner suppliers are involved.

The manifold is used to ensure that the solution channels can be arranged efficiently. Under ideal conditions, the solution channel is designed in a symmetric way, and the flow length of all downward flow channels is consistent with the revolutions. In the case of multi-cavity or asymmetric molds, the solution channel may contain artificial lengths and turning points so that the system can be properly balanced. This concept is helpful to both die designers and hot runner designers to ensure better manifold design.

In addition, the platen technology is used to ensure that the closing height and key features required by the customer can be designed. Because the nozzle includes a hot runner nozzle, the mold designer also needs to ensure that the proximity of the injection nozzle and the cooling meet the requirements of the hot runner manufacturer.