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The hot runner temperature control box is briefly introduced


  The hot runner temperature control box is the thermostat of the hot runner. The hot runner temperature control box is a kind of equipment which can continuously maintain the required temperature of the hot runner system. It consists of temperature control card, air switch, box, fan, connecting seat and cable. The temperature control box detects the temperature of the hot runner system with a built-in temperature control card and keeps the temperature at the target point stable by adjusting the output power. Temperature control box is controlled by microprocessor, temperature control accuracy up to 0.5℃. Double-row LED digital display, with a variety of fault status display alarm, can be found in time to solve the problem; The output interface adopts international standard industrial socket, which is widely used in heat flow system all over the world. The thermocouple K and J are interchangeable.

  The hot runner temperature control box is used to control the temperature balance inside the hot runner system. It is interdependent but relatively independent with the hot runner system. Its precision and stability seriously affect the whole hot runner system, the quality of hot runner system and temperature control box precision, stability, service life is the same; Usually it consists of a temperature control card, housing, heavy duty connectors and a power cord terminal row.

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