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The function of hot runner temperature control box


Hot runner temperature control box is used to control the balance of the hot runner temperature control box controller, the internal temperature of hot runner system is necessary because it is over, because "the four interdependent with hot runner system system is relatively independent, the precision and stability are tightly restricted" affects the whole hot runner system, the stand or fall of hot runner system also affects the precision of temperature control box, stability and service life, etc.

Chi shing gold hot runner system, temperature control box is can continue to maintain the required temperature value of the equipment, it mainly through the form of intelligent computer chips (MCU) core test temperature of hot flow path, and then through intelligent computer internal data processing, the right proportion of output current value, so as to realize the temperature control, temperature control precision, stability depends mainly on the following important factors:

1.> temperature measurement: sampling cycle parameters, temperature determination during data filtration process, temperature compensation of measurement circuit and other factors determine the temperature measurement accuracy;

2.> PID control: reflect the proportion of the output current through adjustment. The relevant parameters include proportion section, integral time and differential time.

3> PIDD control: through phase Angle control, the relevant parameters include proportional segment, integral time and differential time.

4> automatic regulation: by analyzing the capacitance of the wire and the thermal constant of the mould, it provides the function of its main factor (with latent heat and heat dissipation). It helps to control the temperature precisely, no matter how the environment changes.

5> output mode: can be changed according to the environment

SSR (PIDD) mode: fine temperature control can be achieved, but the power noise is much higher than PWM mode.

PWM (PID) mode: the current noise is small, but the control ability of specific temperature is worse than SSR mode.

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