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Photos of medical consumables


8-way pipe 8 tubes/16 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay strips
PCR convex panel

96 deep hole plate
Shallow hole plate
4-hole plate
培养皿50.JPG 圆形培养皿.JPG
Large size culture dishes
Small size petri dishes
96 well cell culture plate
Various models of needle cylinder push rods
Various models of injection syringe jackets
Various models of disposable syringes
各种规格采样管、帽盖.png 医疗耗材小盖帽.png

Various specifications of virus tubes and covers
Medical caps of various specifications
Blood collection vessel

Various specifications of culture dishes
Culture dish (1)
Culture Dish Culture Dish (2)


Various models of pipettes [PP]
Various models of PP carbon conductive pipette suction heads
ABS medication cap and protective cap

test card
Biochemical accessories [colorimetric cup]
counting cup

Water stop clip/infusion regulator
Disposable infusion tube
Various drug caps and bottle nozzles

Disposable medical consumables small parts (1)
Disposable medical consumables small parts (2)
atomizing cup
Disposable syringe needle holder Disposable medical consumables small parts (3)
centrifuge tube
过滤网.jpg 离心管-removebg-preview.png IMG_0101_副本.png
Disposable filter
centrifuge tube

Disposable pipette head
Bacterial filter
877f5ed4698c9d73e63cf54b473e04b.jpg IMG_0184.JPG IMG_0182.png
Syringe nut
Dialyzer casing


微小性 针式过滤器 K树脂 32穴产品.jpg

Product material: K resin
Type cavity: 32 holes
微小性 针式过滤器 K树脂 48X穴产品.jpg
Lid of pipette box
Micro needle filter
K resin - micro needle filter (48 holes)
医疗耗材ABS 单重0.63g 16穴针阀 2022.12.07.JPG 6380671358817393004595505.jpg IMG_1186.JPG
Medical consumables parts - Product material ABS transparent
Test tube plug
LLTPE single ear tube
6381112064732013791001273.JPG 医疗零件接头.png PP 密封圈(医疗类).JPG
Medical consumables parts - drug nozzles
Medical consumables parts connectors
PP sealing ring
6381112054885634016946152.JPG 6381112059832698949965133.JPG IMG_1191.png
96 hole centrifugal tube plate holder
30 well plate detection reaction plate
PS detection card