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What should be paid attention to in hot runner installation?


Hot runners have become an indispensable part of injection molding production. For plastic processors, choosing the right hot runner for product molding and controlling the correct use of the hot runner is the key to benefiting from the hot runner.

The hot runner (HRS) is also called the hot water outlet, which turns the solidified nozzle into a molten nozzle. Its composition is relatively simple, mainly including a manifold, a hot nozzle, a thermostat, etc. Among them, the manifold can be divided into I-shaped, X-shaped, Y-shaped, T-shaped, mouth-shaped and other special shapes according to the shape; the hot nozzle can be divided into large nozzle, pointed nozzle, and needle valve nozzle according to the shape; the temperature controller is controlled by temperature The method can be divided into watch core type, plug-in card type and computer centralized control type.

In the injection molding process, the hot runner is used in conjunction with the mold and plays a very important role. For example, in the injection molding production of ultra-thin parts (such as mobile phone battery covers), high-precision and high-quality products can be easily produced by using hot runners; for injection molding materials with poor mobility (such as LCP), hot runners can be used It can significantly improve the mobility of raw materials and ensure that injection molding production stops smoothly. Regarding some large injection molded parts, such as automobile bumpers and door panels, TV rear shells, air-conditioning shells, etc., the use of hot runners makes injection molding very difficult. It has to be relatively simplistic.

In multi-cavity mold injection molding, molding cannot be formed without the basis of hot runners. Hot runner is the best technology to ensure the balance of the runner. Due to the shear force of the plastic in the runner, no matter how reasonable the mold is geometrically balanced, the weight of the molded product is difficult to diverge, especially for the multi-cavity mold, if the hot runner is not used, the molded product The outside of the product will be lighter than the inside.

For plastic manufacturers, only a certain batch of injection molding production is required, and the use of hot runners is quite economical. This is because hot runners help companies eliminate nozzles in injection molding production. In most cases, the nozzle cannot be reused. Sometimes, the weight of the nozzle is almost the same as the weight of the product. If the traditional nozzle injection method is used, it means that as much raw material is wasted as the raw material used in the product. Based on this calculation, the use of hot runners can save 30% to 50% of raw materials. In addition, the hot runner also helps reduce mold wear and extend the life of the mold. Under normal conditions, the service life of the hot runner mold is twice that of the nozzle mold.

Although the composition of the hot runner is relatively simple, each part of its composition plays an important role. Generally, high-quality hot runners have high requirements for structural design and materials. As far as Xianrui hot runner is concerned, the selected heaters and temperature sensing wires are all imported from South Korea, and all steel materials used are imported from Japan. These are the prerequisites for ensuring the quality of the hot runner.

When installing the hot runner, you need to pay attention to the following points:

● Full inspection of the hot runner, including all dimensions, resistances, and quantities;

● Fully inspect the size of the relevant parts of the mold and the hot runner;

● Before installing the panel, you need to carefully check the hot runner with a thermostat and confirm that it is working properly before you can operate it;

● Before production, it is necessary to use a multimeter to conduct a final inspection of the hot runner, otherwise it is not allowed to start;

● Air shot is required before closing the mold. When air shot is used, cover the B-board mold with cardboard, and then close the mold and try the mold.

In order to help customers use the hot runner correctly, the hot runner should be trained for customers. The training content includes:

● The basic principle of hot runner. The hot runner is electrically heated to keep the plastic in the runner in a molten state. Here, it is necessary to emphasize to customers that when the hot runner is working in the mold, it needs to have good insulation measures. For this reason, square iron cannot be replaced when manufacturing the manifold cavity. This is very important in injection molding. of.

● Learn to install and remove the hot runner correctly. First of all, customers need to know the sealing position of the hot runner, which includes the sealing glue of the hot nozzle and the manifold, the sealing glue of the hot nozzle and the mold A plate, the sealing glue of the main nozzle and the panel, the valve needle and the valve needle guide sleeve. Sealing compound and sealing compound of main nozzle and hot flow plate.

● Maintenance and maintenance of hot runner. Customers must realize that once there is a problem with the hot runner, it needs to be removed from the mold for repair. This process takes at least 8 hours.