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Matters needing attention in using hot runner temperature control box


The temperature control box is a component that controls the internal temperature balance of the hot runner. It is relatively independent in use and depends on the hot runner system in structure. The control precision and precision of the temperature control box are of great significance to the production of hot runners. It consists of a temperature control card, a chassis, a heavy-duty connector, and a power cord terminal block. In order to achieve better output, the editor of Zhichengjin summarized a few precautions for equipment inspection before use for your reference.

1. Check whether the power supply can be safely controlled;

2. Check whether this manual can be matched with the controller;

3. Check whether the connector is safe;

4. Check whether the heater is safe;

5. Check that the main power supply is off;

6. Check whether the power supply can control the work of the controller;

7. Determine the ground connection controller;

8. Turn on the main power switch;

9. Turn on the working switches of each controller;

10. Set the control temperature and check whether the controller can reach the set temperature and is stable.