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Development trend of hot runner technology


Hot runner system usually consists of hot nozzle, baffle, temperature control box and accessories. Hot nozzles usually include hot nozzle type, pouring sleeve type and valve type.

The splitter plate is used for multi - cavity or multi - point feed or single - point feed in the die, but there is a deviation in the feed amount. The material is usually P20 or H13 and is usually divided into two categories: standard and non-standard. Its structure mainly depends on the distribution of the mold cavity on the mold, the placement of the nozzle and the position of the gate. Temperature control box includes main engine, cable, connector and wiring socket. Hot runner accessories usually include heaters and thermocouples, runner seals, connectors and junction boxes.

With the increasing popularity of hot runner technology in China, its components present the following main development trends.

The miniaturization of 1 part can realize the small product one mold multi - cavity mold and the large product multi - gate die head. By reducing the nozzle space, more cavities can be placed on the mold to improve the output and utilization of the injection molding machine.

The standardization of parts is beneficial to reduce the repeatability of design work, reduce the cost of mold, facilitate the replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts, and meet the requirements of shorter and shorter mold design and manufacturing cycle.

Improved overall reliability of pressure distribution, temperature distribution and seal design.

The temperature control system is very accurate to prevent the resin from overheating and degradation, and to reduce product performance.

Improves wear resistance of nozzles and hot runner and forms sensitive materials.