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Principle of hot runner temperature control box


1.PID self-tuning function ensures the accuracy of continuous temperature control and high power double input and output.

2. The latest electronic circuit microcontroller guarantees the reliability and stability of temperature control.

3. The temperature accuracy is 0.5 degree

4. Soft start preheating dehumidification function, automatically adjust the output power when starting, prevent instant start, and extend the life of the heater.

5. Type J thermocouple and type K thermocouple can be switched;

6. Automatic, manual and standby operation modes can be switched;

7. The temperature and current of the production process and the percentage of output power can be displayed.

8. Simple and easy to understand fault diagnosis signal, can show the thermocouple disconnect, thermocouple connect in reverse, add hot wire disconnect, temperature is too high and too low and alarm.

9. After disconnecting the thermocouple, manual mode can be selected to continue operation to ensure continuity of production.

10. The operating voltage is 180-240v AC, 50/60hz or 110VAC, 50/60hz, and the upper limit of the operating current can reach 15A / 30A.

11. When the dial temperature control card is inserted suddenly without power off, the temperature controller will automatically delay the heating of the heater to prevent the temperature control card from burning out.

Most hot runner suppliers will provide injection molding users with matching hot runner systems and temperature control boxes. But actually the temperature control box can be configured separately. Gretel provides our customers with single point and multi point temperature control boxes.

Precautions for using hot runner temperature control box: in order to correctly operate the hot runner temperature control box, so as to avoid damage or other loss of hot runner temperature control box caused by operation error, please pay attention to the following points when using hot runner temperature control box:

1. Check whether the power supply is safe and controlled

2. Check whether the instruction meets the requirements of the controller

3. Check whether the connector is safe and reliable

4. Check whether the heater is safe and reliable

5. Check if the main power is off

6. Check whether the power supply is suitable for the work of the controller

7. Make sure the grounding wire is connected to the controller

8. Turn on the main power switch

9. Turn on the work switch for each controller

10. Set the control temperature and check whether the controller reaches the set temperature and is stable.