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72 sets of integrated touch screen temperature control boxes

1. Adopting FUZZY PIDD control technology, it can automatically apply to any model without tuning PID parameters, greatly improving work efficiency
2. In the temperature measurement process, in order to eliminate the influence of environmental temperature, the inner and outer rings are used to dynamically track the changes in environmental temperature. The outer ring uses a thermistor to compensate for the input terminal, and the outer ring uses a precise voltage source to dynamically eliminate the influence of environmental temperature on the measurement circuit parameters, making the temperature measurement of the controller more accurate
3. The controller can detect the reverse direction of the temperature sensor and the open circuit of the temperature sensor. When the temperature sensor is detected, the controller takes action based on the type of error and the mode of the controller
4. The heater current monitoring function allows customers to more intuitively observe the current output status
5. Low voltage constant current dehumidification function, better protecting the mold and effectively removing moisture caused by moisture, thereby preventing leakage accidents from occurring
6. Temperature deviation alarm function, which can remind users to discover the current temperature control status in a timely manner
7. Manual power output mode
8. Support collision free transmission function
9. Comprehensive error messages enable users to easily identify the cause of current faults
10. The output single point current can reach up to 15A
11. Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly operation interface
12. Plug in design and maintenance
13. High definition touch screen display, user-friendly temperature control operating system
14. External heat sink design makes the overall temperature control system's heat dissipation design more reasonable
15. External alarm signal light, which can provide a more intuitive understanding of the current working status (this is an optional function)