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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot runner tip and open hot tip


Features of open hot nozzle:

1. The pressure loss of the gate is relatively low; but the temperature of the nozzle tip is not easy to control; the temperature of the nozzle tip is too late to dissipate heat and there will be wire drawing.

2. To use an open hot nozzle, it is necessary to leave a cold material handle of 8-12mm on the tip of the mouth, and the tip cover needs to be in full contact with the mold core (increase the heat dissipation of the tip of the mouth), which has higher requirements for the cooling environment near the tip of the mouth.

3. Matters needing attention in mold design and use:

A. The length of the open hot nozzle head is 8-10 mm to reduce the heat loss of the nozzle head.

B. Make 1mm cakes to offset the swelling of the hot nozzle

C. The hot nozzle head will not be used as the runner glue position, the hot nozzle head will rotate, and the runner will be misaligned during the second disassembly and assembly.

D. U-shaped runner at the nozzle head position

E. The big end of the raw material is close to the runner

F. Raw material drawing factory processing

Features of sharp point hot nozzle:

1. The sharp point gate requires a wider temperature window for the cooling environment of the nozzle tip, and it is easy to draw wire for some rubber materials.

2. Matters needing attention in mold design and use:

A. Pointed hot nozzle In order to prevent the mouth from being broken and not clean, the glue inlet should be made 0.2mm straight, and then pull the slope, the size of the glue inlet will not change.

B. There must be glue residue in the hot nozzle gate of the sharp point. If it can not be 100% clean, the glue reduction tank can be deepened and improved. If the customer has a clear appearance requirement, it is recommended that he change the needle valve nozzle.