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Points for attention in using multi cavity hot runner


The multi-cavity open point gate (point gate) hot runner system is prone to problems during the production process. The main reason is that the outer diameter of the hot nozzle is relatively small, the number of cavities is large, and the gate is small. Therefore, the consumption cycle is much longer than that of the ordinary single-head hot runner system. We have summarized seven precautions for the use of multi-cavity nozzle hot runners:

1. During injection molding, if the secondary material is used, it is easy to block the gate. Because the returned material may contain iron filings, copper filings and other foreign matter, it cannot be melted during the heating process, resulting in gate blockage, resulting in product dissatisfaction or failure Glue and other conditions;

2. The multi-cavity hot runner mold is in use for a long period of 24 hours uninterrupted production. The hot runner is constantly in a high temperature and high pressure environment, which easily causes the gate to be heated for a long time, and the screw teeth are slightly loosened, which is easy to show leakage. Lead to more and more seepage, until it can not produce;

3. There are some abnormalities in the temperature of the hot nozzle during the application process, and the temperature on the temperature control box can be properly adjusted. For example, when the resistance is present, the temperature control is normal, and there is dissatisfaction, no glue, etc., you need to check whether the glue is leaking , Once the hot nozzle leaking is found, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the machine should be checked and cleared;

4. The tip of the multi-cavity hot nozzle is generally very sharp and made of beryllium copper, which has an important influence on the appearance of the gate, so be careful during installation or disassembly;

5. Regarding the point gate hot runner, its gate is as small as a needle tip, so pay attention to the tip of the mouth during the installation and disassembly process, and avoid collisions, and some small iron and copper chips cannot get into the runner when assembling the mold. , This will easily block the nozzle tip of the runner, causing the hot nozzle to fail to produce glue or dissatisfied with the product, let alone stabbing with iron wire or hard objects.

6. Mold water and oil leakage is also a fatal damage to the life of the hot runner system. If the mold is not properly sealed to form water leakage when receiving water, the temperature of the hot runner system will be inaccurate, and long-term water leakage will form heating elements. If the device leaks electricity, the heating coil will break down due to a short circuit. Oil spills also make sense. Oil leakage from a customer's mold caused oil to enter the hot runner heating coil connected to the wire, resulting in current leakage and short-circuit breakdown.

7. Mold maintenance is inevitable, but in the process of disassembly and assembly, you must pay attention to whether the fit is in place when re-installing, otherwise it will cause leakage, causing loss and unnecessary trouble.