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Application of integral hot runner system


The integral hot runner system is a small part used in a multi-cavity injection mold with a thimble type nozzle. When the spacing between the axis of the small nozzle is 10-20mm, the nozzle is connected to the runner plate with threads, resulting in the hot runner The system is compact. Hot runner technology is widely used in plastic injection molds. The traditional way of connecting the runner plate and the nozzle under pressure is gradually replaced by the integral hot runner system. At present, when the needle valve type multi-nozzle is used for injection of large and medium-sized injection molded parts, the threaded connection between the nozzle and the runner plate is also adopted.

In recent years, the consumption of electronic products such as computers and mobile phones has continued to increase, with a huge amount of consumption. Therefore, most of the injection molding sheets used in the production of electronic products use a gating system that combines a hot runner and a cold runner. With the development of time, the application of needle valve nozzles is higher and higher than that of open nozzles. If the plastic melt is directly injected into the surface of the injection molded part at the gate of the needle valve nozzle, the marks of the gate will highlight the work of the thin plate. On the surface. The gate is on the thermal barrier between the hot runner nozzle and the fixed mold cavity, and the temperature changes and the movement is unstable. The area near the gate on the injection molded part often has defects such as movement marks.

Nowadays, the time sequence control of the drive cylinder or the oil cylinder of the needle valve nozzle can adjust the position of the fusion seam during the mold trial. The injection point of the multi-nozzle of the integral hot runner is on the cold runner, and the position and dimensional accuracy of the injection point on the fixed template is not required to be high, which is suitable for the application of the hot runner.

Since the system will undergo electrical, temperature, hydraulic or pneumatic testing before delivery, the customer will get the instructions for the pre-installed system, so that it can be easily installed in the mold and put into production immediately, when the mold or system requires regular maintenance At the same time, the integral hot runner system can also be removed from the mold with simple steps, so that it can be repaired and inspected independently of the mold.

The intact hot runner system is based on an integrated pre-configured design and device, and the heater or thermocouple wire is removed during the assembly process. The wire connecting the heater and the distribution box is placed in a specially designed conduit, which is very beneficial for the disassembly of the mold or the hot runner system. At the same time, the integrated hot runner system can carry out daily maintenance without disassembly, thereby saving time and reducing the chance of assembly errors.