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New hot runner technology for multi-cavity molds


St. Wanti Injection Molding Co., Ltd., which is currently known for its large and medium-sized hot runner systems (mainly used in the automotive industry), will expand its range of products downstream to a minimum of 0.1 grams. A large number of multi-cavity molds for component manufacturing in the automotive, electrical and packaging industries and medical technology have mostly been delivered as hot molds including temperature controllers.

    The expansion of the product range is determined by the development of four new nozzle series, two new 03 series, and two 04 series, 03 and 04 series with standard flow of 3.5 and 4.0 mm diameter respectively. Road diameter. The interior is wide and the exterior is small – this is the main feature of the new Synventive product. Although the profile is elongated and the maximum nozzle length is 186 mm, for size 03 and size 04, the achievable flow path diameters range from 2.5 to 4.5 mm and 2.0 to 6.0 mm, respectively. A compact, replaceable heater plays a major role in achieving the above described very favorable inner and outer diameter relationships.

    Four nozzle series are available for a variety of applications. The 04C01 series replaces the CA series nozzles that do not use interchangeable heaters. Now, depending on the mold structure, the heater can be replaced either from the front end or from the back end. The 04C02 series is a newly developed product with many features that simplify the work of mold makers. For example, the nozzles separate axial and radial positioning, eliminating a major process for mold manufacturers. The positioning on the plane of the template is flat, so that it is not necessary to adjust the nozzle contact plane at the bottom of the counterbore. The heating and thermocouple cables are laid in the direction of the nozzle and are easily replaced from the front.

    The nozzles of the 03C01 and 03C02 series are in the pre-production phase, one step away from the size 04. The characteristics of the 03C02 series nozzles are that they are screwed into the nozzle support plate from the front end, so that they can be completely replaced from the front end without the plastic leaking out of the manifold.

    The HYC2508 hydraulic needle valve cylinder for the new nozzle range is very compact, with all the important quality features of this proven product range: the valve needle height can be adjusted in situ (+/-1 mm) to simplify assembly and increase maintenance speed . The rotary locking of the valve needle ensures that its tip is always precisely positioned – especially important for freeform or twisted surfaces. The patented valve needle cylinder active cooling and oil chamber separation technology achieves high stability and compact construction, supporting designs where space is greatly limited. The important thing to achieve high operational reliability is that the cylinder is screwed into the pipeline to eliminate the offset between the cylinder and the pipeline due to thermal expansion. In 2006, the pneumatic version of the cylinder will be used to meet the conditions of the clean room.

    Since multi-cavity molds are mainly delivered with complete hot half molds for wiring and piping, Synventive offers efficient temperature controllers. This makes it possible to provide a complete and tested system that is ready for immediate use.

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