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Important link of hot runner mold


Important links in hot runner mold making:

1. Plastic temperature control

In the application of hot runner molds, the control of plastic temperature is very important. Many process and product quality problems in the production process are directly caused by poor temperature control of the hot runner system. For example, the quality of the product gate is poor when the torpedo hot nozzle is used for injection molding, the valve needle is difficult to completely close when the valve nozzle is molded, and the filling time and quality of the parts in the multi-cavity mold are not consistent. Therefore, the hot runner system with multi-zone segmented temperature control should be used as much as possible to increase the flexibility and adaptability of use.

2. Plastic flow control

The plastic must flow in a balanced flow in the hot runner system. The gates should be opened at the same time so that the plastic fills the cavity at the same time. For parts with large weight differences, the runner size should be designed to be balanced. Otherwise, there will be problems such as insufficient filling and holding pressure of some parts, excessive filling and holding pressure of some parts, excessive flash, and poor quality. The runner size design of the hot runner should be reasonable. If the size is too small, the mold filling pressure loss will be too large, and the size will be too large, and the hot runner volume will be too large. The longer the plastic stays in the hot runner system, the material performance will be damaged, and the parts cannot meet the requirements Claim.

The above are two important links in the production of hot runner molds. You must pay attention to it during the production. Then today's sharing is here. If you have other questions, please contact our company!