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Principle of hot runner temperature control box


Principle of hot runner temperature control box

A temperature control box is a device for continuously maintaining the required temperature value. It mainly detects the heating temperature of the hot runner through the intelligent computer chip (MCU) at the core of the table, and then outputs an appropriate proportion of the current value through the internal data processing of the intelligent computer to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The accuracy and stability of temperature control mainly depend on the following important factors:

1. Temperature measurement: sampling cycle parameters and data filtering process determine the temperature level, and the measurement circuit temperature compensation determines the measurement temperature accuracy;

2.PID control: by adjusting the proportion reflecting the output current, relevant parameters include proportional segment, integral-time-differential time;

3.PIDD control: through phase Angle control, the relevant parameters include proportional segment, integral-time differential time;

4. Automatic regulation: by analyzing the capacitance of the heating wire and the heat constant of the mold, the function of the leading factor (with latent heat and heat dissipation) is given, which can help to control the temperature accurately no matter how the environment changes;

5. Output mode: it can be changed according to the environment.

SSR (PIDD) mode: Precise temperature control is possible, but power noise is much greater than PWM mode.

PWM (PID) mode: the current noise is very small, but the ability to control a specific temperature is worse than SSR mode.