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A brief analysis of the advantages of hot runner technology compared with conventional cold runner


1. Save raw materials and reduce costs.

2. Shorten the forming cycle and improve the machine efficiency

3. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of products.

4. The point gate can be used without using the three-plate mold.

5, can be economically side door molding a single product.

6. Improve automation.

7. Needle valve sprue can be used to control sprue freezing.

8. The quality of injection parts of multi-cavity mold is consistent.

9. Improve the appearance of injection products.

However, each technology has its own disadvantages, and hot runner technology is no exception:

1. Complicated mold structure, high cost and high maintenance cost.

2. The process takes some time to stabilize before the machine is started, resulting in a large amount of waste.

3. Melt leakage and heating element failure will have a significant impact on product quality and production schedule.

This third disadvantage can be reduced by purchasing high quality heating elements, heat runner plates and nozzles, and maintaining them carefully while using them.