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What is the design procedure for the hot runner


First, according to the plastic structure and use requirements, determine the inlet location. As long as the plastic structure permits, the nozzle and nozzle head in the fixed mold insert block will not interfere with the formed structure, then the feed port of the hot runner system can be placed anywhere in the plastic. The entrance position of conventional plastic injection molding is usually selected by experience. For large and complex plastic parts, CAE can be used to simulate the flow of molten plastic in the mold cavity, analyze the cooling effect of each part of the mold and determine the ideal location for the inlet.

Secondly, the nozzle head form of hot runner system is determined. The use characteristics of plastic materials and products are the key factors in selecting the nozzle head form. The amount of plastic parts produced and the cost of making the mold are also important factors in selecting the nozzle head form.

Third, the number of cavities per mold depends on the amount of plastic parts produced and the tonnage of the injection equipment.

Fourth, the number of nozzles depends on the location of the inlet and the number of cavities per mold. If you want to shape the product, choose a mold one feed, and then only one nozzle, namely use a single hot runner system; If a product is formed, a mold with multiple cavities is selected, or a mold with two or more cavities with two or more feed orifices must have multiple nozzles, that is, a multi-head hot runner system is selected, except for the transverse slide of the mold structure.

Fifth, according to the weight of plastic parts and the number of nozzles, determine the size of the radial size of the nozzle. The same type of nozzle has a number of size series to meet the molding requirements of plastic parts in different weight ranges.

Sixth, according to the plastic parts structure to determine the mold structure size, and then according to the fixed mold insert and fixed template thickness size, and the fixed template thickness size and size comparison, the selection of nozzle standard length series size. Other dimensions related to hot runner systems.

Seventh, according to the shape of the hot runner plate to determine the shape of the hot runner plate, in the plate of the power line outlet tank layout, and in the hot runner plate, nozzle, nozzle head near the design of enough cooling water ring.

Eighth, completes the hot runner system plastic mold design drawing.

Ninth, the mature hot runner system, must consider the hot runner system and the plastic mold's cooperation degree, namely the hot half mold's design. Hot half die refers to the professional hot runner manufacturers, for the customer processing precision hot runner system, with easy maintenance, high precision, processing speed and other characteristics. Reduce injection pressure and clamping force.