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How to distinguish hot runner from injection mold


The injection mold is composed of several pieces of steel plate, each part is different, basically divided into:

1. Ejector system (thimble, ejector bar)

2. Positioning device (guide post, guide sleeve)

3. Fixture (I plate, mold hole)
4. Forming device (mold, punch)

5. Cooling system (outlet hole)

6. Constant temperature system (heating tube, hot wire)

7. Runner system (nozzle hole, runner groove, runner hole)

Depending on the casting system, molds can be divided into three categories:

A hot runner mold: this kind of mould structure and fine nozzle is roughly same, is the biggest difference between flow in one or more of the temperature and heat flow but has a heat pump, no cold feeding demoulding, runner and gate directly on the product, so the port don't need mold release, also known as no runner system, this system can save raw materials and is suitable for the raw material price is expensive, high product requirements, design and processing difficulty is big, high mould cost is higher.

B. Fine nozzle mold: the runner and gate are not on the parting line and are generally directly on the product. Therefore, more than one group of nozzle parting lines should be designed.

C. Large nozzle mold: the runner and gate are on the parting line, and the product is taken out of the mold together with the mold. The design is the simplest, easy to process, and low cost. Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly consists of hot gate sleeve, hot runner plate, temperature control electrical box. Our common hot runner system comes in two forms: single point hot gate and multi point hot gate. Single hot gate is a single hot gate sleeve is directly inserted into the molten plastic cavity, suitable for single cavity single gate plastic mold; Multi-point hot gate is to branch the molten material into the sub-hot gate sleeve through the hot runner plate and then into the mold cavity.