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Key to hot runner system selection


A successful hot runner system mold application project requires several steps to ensure:

1. Select the right hot runner supplier. As a plastic mold factory and plastic products injection factory, plastic products from which aspect? What about the mold structure? Mold and plastic products batch size, production efficiency, maintenance is to choose which supplier to consider.

One is to choose manufacturers with rich experience and technical expertise in hot runner, because in the case of more mature mold manufacturing, the design and manufacturing capacity of hot runner determines the success of mold testing. The second is to choose companies with economies of scale, where all manufacturing processes are completed and the work of providing support services to users is more complete. Both need to be combined to better serve users.

2. Correct selection of hot runner scheme. Plastics in the hot runner system to average the temperature, so that the flow to balance, hot runner companies use heat balance and mold flow analysis software is essential, at the same time to take into account the relevant mold manufacturing and injection molding experience, so that defects early to understand, early to overcome. For example, which heating method is adopted, whether the heat distribution is balanced, flow path, flow path size, heat insulation and cooling, whether there is interference in the oil and gas passage, whether the gate is reasonable and so on, can reduce the number of mold testing, more can reduce the cost of mold testing.

3. Whether the hot runner material is the correct remedial measure. In plastic materials with different characteristics and different mold structures, the company's own materials are also important, because in addition to heat transfer balance, the design of the hot runner, but also good insulation, plus whether to ensure high speed, high pressure, high temperature and corrosion resistance factors to consider.

4. Whether the hot runner treatment is accurate or not. The hot runner system is a combination, which requires high machining accuracy of various accessories and has optional interchangeability, so the machining accuracy must be standardized. Diverter plates require high parallelism, smooth passages, balanced passages without dead angles. There are special requirements for the concentricity and perpendicularity of the hot tip. The matching requirements of the needle and sleeve are also quite accurate and standardized.

5. Whether the mold processing is accurate. The mold and the hot runner part of the installation and processing accuracy requirements of coordination, hot tip seal position, template parallelism, the surface of the cylinder hole, must ensure the machining tolerance range, and in the future to carry out multiple mold maintenance can also ensure deformation, while avoiding the protection of space heat and temperature line.

6. Whether the hot runner can be properly maintained and maintained. In some fire protection materials of plastic injection molding, such as the down time more than half an hour, had better set the hot runner temperature below the melting temperature, if plastic injection molding and carbide with corrosion easily, you need to stop to repair the mold or mold, injection molding machine and hot runner injection molding to clean, had better use the normal plastic injection moulding machine washing cylinder and hot runner, after being completely remove the new material will be down from the plane of injection moulds. If it is not easy to change the color of the hot runner from the dark color, the light colored plastic of the machine can also be injected into the cylinder and hot runner before the mold, until the lighter material is injected, and then the mold is formed on the machine to remove the hot runner cleaner.