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Understand the development direction of the lower hot runner system


Mold cost, and for the vulnerable parts of the replacement and maintenance is very convenient. Maintenance. Polyshot has reportedly developed a rapid heat transfer runner mold system that is particularly suitable for small injection machines with injection pressures of 70kN. The Husky, Presto and Moldmasters nozzles, stems and diverters are standard models for quick change and delivery of moulds, which can now be delivered in four weeks abroad.

The overall reliability of hot runner die design is improved. At present, major die enterprises at home and abroad attach great importance to the design of hot runner plate and the research and development of pressure distribution, temperature distribution and sealing of hot nozzle connection. The development and utilization of laminated hot runner injection mold is also a hot spot. The laminated mold can effectively increase the number of cavities, while the requirement for the mold closing force of the syringe can only be increased by 10% ~ 15%. Superimposed hot runner dies have been used for industrialization in some developed countries.

The purpose of improving the material of the hot runner element is to improve the wear resistance of the nozzle and the hot runner and to be used to form sensitive materials. Nozzles can already be made from extendable alloys such as molybdenum and titanium, and hot runner components can be made by metal powder injection molding and sintering.

Develop accurate temperature control systems. In the hot runner mold forming, developing more accurate temperature control device, controlling the temperature of molten resin hot runner plate and runner is an effective measure to prevent resin overheating degradation and product performance degradation.