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Application of intelligent integrated temperature control system in DIY installation


In today's increasingly advanced technology, intelligent temperature control system integration technology has been born from the early, now gradually involved in many industries, from indoor indoor geothermal, space temperature, small as video card, motherboard, CPU, power supply can see "intelligent temperature control technology, an innovation in the field of intelligent temperature control cooling, intelligent temperature control technology had gone from various manufacturers.

Application of intelligent integrated temperature control system in DIY installation

In the intelligent integrated temperature control system technology development to today, has gone through a long period of time, technology is also increasingly mature. However, intelligent temperature control is still unfamiliar to beginners. Beginners often pay attention to the look and feel of each component when installing. The structure above ignores the important factor of temperature. Next, I mainly analyze the use of intelligent temperature control chassis to deepen beginners' impression of DIY installation.

Chassis: intelligent temperature control has been widely used

The computer case plays an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation. Because the case is not like CPU, graphics card, motherboard and other accessories can quickly improve the overall performance, many consumers do not consider the factors and quality of the case when DIY. Computer case is the most easily ignored by many DIY consumers, so for the case, intelligent integrated temperature control system technology has been widely used.

Some consumers began to use low-quality, low-shape chassis, heat dissipation and other problems led to the collapse of the entire platform, short circuit, and even burned out the hardware, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, intelligent temperature control is very important.

This case of intelligent temperature control technology is mainly reflected in the front panel in the middle of the exquisite liquid crystal display device. The temperature inside the box is monitored and displayed by the precise sensor at any time to prevent the high temperature from affecting the normal operation of the computer. This design is now on sale in the DIY market. Very popular, real-time temperature monitoring is a favorite of many water-cooling users.

When the temperature exceeds the normal standard value, a specially designed fan inside the case will start to cool down to ensure the normal use of the computer and avoid the annoyance of users. This is the main box used in intelligent temperature control technology. When the temperature does not reach the target value, the fan will not start. Zero noise when the fan is not moving, energy saving noise reduction.

In short, in this case, the intelligent integrated temperature control system in the computer can mainly monitor the case temperature in real time to prevent the network speed from slowing down. For DIY installation beginners, you should first familiarize yourself with the technology and learn more. Applied to various industries.