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History, present and future of hot runner technology


Because hot runners have many advantages, they are developed faster in foreign countries. More than 50% of the molds produced by many plastic mold factories use hot runner technology, and some mold factories even reach more than 80%. In China, this technology is near It has only been promoted and applied in a few years. With the continuous development of the mold industry, the proportion of hot runners in plastic molds has gradually increased. But the overall size is less than 10%, and the gap is quite huge.

In recent years, the hot runner technology has been gradually promoted in China, which is largely due to the rapid development of China's mold exports to European and American companies. In Europe and the United States, injection molding production has relied on hot runner technology. It can be said that molds that do not use hot runner technology are now difficult to export, which has caused many mold manufacturers to change the consciousness of hot runner technology.

Since many foreign imported hot runner systems are relatively expensive, a large number of domestic manufacturers can't accept them, so some domestic hot runner system components have appeared. This has great benefits for the promotion of hot runner technology in China. Although hot runner technology has been promoted, some companies use more than 20% of the total, and generally use simple tip and pass. A few companies use the world's advanced level of difficult needle valve hot nozzles, but the overall adoption rate of hot runners is less than 10%, far from the foreign 50% - 80%.