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Composition of the hot runner system


Composition of the hot runner system

1. Hot runner plate: Its main task is to send the melt from the main channel to each individual nozzle at a constant temperature. During the melt transfer process, the pressure drop of the melt is reduced as much as possible, and the material is not allowed to degrade. Commonly used hot runner plates are available in the form of a single-shaped, H-shaped, and Y-shaped, X-shaped structure with two types of externally heated hot runner plates and internally heated hot runner plates.

2. Nozzles: Hot runner molds are available in various forms according to the nozzle structure. The types are similar, but the processing techniques and implementation methods of different manufacturers are very different, which determines the difference in quality and price of the hot runner system. There are generally open, needle valve and several other special forms.

The needle valve nozzle is technically advanced and has the following advantages:

a. No in-situ residue on the product, smooth traces at the gate

b. The use of larger diameter gates can speed up cavity filling and further reduce injection pressure and reduce product distortion.

c. It can prevent the phenomenon of wire pulling and running phenomenon when opening the mold

d. When the screw of the injection molding machine is retracted, it can effectively prevent the material from sucking back from the cavity.

e. Can be combined with sequential control to reduce product weld marks.

3, heating element hot runner heating element heating element is an important part of the hot runner system, its heating accuracy and service life have a significant impact on the control of the injection molding process and the stability of the hot runner system. There are generally heating rods, heating coils, tube heaters, spiral heaters (heating rods), and the like.

4. The thermostat thermostat is the instrument for temperature control of each position of the hot runner system. From the bottom end to the high end, there are on-off type, integral differential proportional control and new intelligent thermostat, etc. Users need to be able to use with other in-mold components.

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