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Side feeding system

[Patented product] 1 outlet 48 two-sided rubber feeding system

[This product has obtained an invention patent and must be copied]
It is suitable for lengthening deep pipes, such as slender liquid transfer gun head
The inspiration of the double-side injection developed by our company comes from the double-side injection 'liquid transfer head' produced by the French PLASTISUD mold. The molding cycle is faster than the single-side injection speed, 'the molding cycle is 6 seconds'. Under the double-side injection pressure, the verticality of the product can be greatly improved, and the water-free production completely eliminates the waste of raw materials.
System: double-sided glue feeding
Number of acupoints: 96
Product: liquid transfer gun head
Material: PP
Unit weight: 0.83g
Operating cycle: 6 seconds

The product demonstration video is as follows: