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Side feeding system

16+16 side injection molding system

Stacked hot runner mold is a cutting-edge technology in the development of plastic molds today. Compared with conventional single-sided injection molds, using stacked hot runner molds can evenly distribute plastic melt into two independent parting surfaces, thereby increasing the production of injection molding machines by more than twice.

The stacked hot runner mold technology does not increase the size of the mold by adding more cavities, but by adding a second layer of cavities parallel to the first layer of cavities while maintaining the original mold size and injection molding machine size. The injection, compression, and cooling time of the stacked hot runner mold maintained the same level, only increasing the opening and closing time of the mold throughout the entire working cycle.

The price of the parts depends on the labor cost of the injection molding machine, which is directly related to the clamping tonnage of the injection molding machine. Compared to single-sided molds with the same number of cavities, using a stacked hot runner mold only requires about 50% of the clamping tonnage. A set of 16+16 cavity stacked hot runner molds can replace a set of 32 cavity designed single-sided molds, and the required injection molding machine only needs half the size, which means that the molds used are smaller and the volume of the injection molding machine is also smaller, saving 180% of the molding cycle compared to single-sided molds.